CareBoards™ Patient Communication Boards

As the landscape of healthcare policy continues to evolve, and patients take more control of their health care purchasing power, hospitals are committed more than ever to improving patient care services. Created to partner with hospitals and healthcare professionals, CareBoards is dedicated to increasing the quality of patient and care team communication, improving safety, and improving patient care service responsiveness.

CareBoards patient communication boards are high quality, in-room communication boards with interchangeable, magnet receptive dry-erase surfaces featuring your custom hospital graphics. Designed to increase HCAHPS scores and improve patient to care-team communication, CareBoards feature interchangeable easy-to-layer graphics. These graphics are easily removable and transferable to support patient transfers. We also provide translation services to serve any language, and can be customized to support your specific needs.

Patient Communication Board mini size

Five Sizes

CareBoards patient communication boards are available in five standard sizes. Custom sizes are also available.

whiteboard 15 colors

Fifteen Colors

CareBoards frames are available in a wide variety of colors.

custom with cork board


CareBoards patient communication boards are highly configurable to meet your needs.

Increasing Your HCAHPS Performance

With the financial impact of the Medicare/Medicaid issues related to HCAHPS performance, our products are designed to positively impact your patient satisfaction scores. See how we help hospitals and other medical centers improve their HCAHPS performance.

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