Emergency Room Communication Boards

ER Communication Boards

Make Your Rooms Feel Welcoming

Our emergency room graphics feature soothing elements custom designed to create a calming presence where your patients need it most. Visual cues such as those provided by CareBoards products are critical for these patients who are often heavily sedated and in and out of consciousness.

Our communication boards also allow family members to leave comforting messages for their loved one who may not be awake during their visit. Hospital staff can also provide updates for family members who come and go.

emergency room hospital whiteboard

All CareBoards patient room communication boards are built to your unique requirements. You have 15 colors to choose from and 5 standard sizes, and we can support your custom size requirements.

As with all CareBoards products, all aspects of the design can be customized to reflect your hospital brand and your own unique communication needs. Board graphics can also be customized to include when rounds and medication are due, pain levels, and more.

View the Graphics Examples page to to see a variety of designs for other hospital units and healthcare applications.